LeNails is the ultimate slaon for manicures. Whether you want a quick manicure to leave your hands and nails perfect for a special event, or you are a regular manicure enthusiast seeking gel, uv, french or acrylics, we offer professional services to meet all your manicure needs.


There’s nothing like the look and feel of clean, soft and beautiful feet! We don’t just offer pedicures, we offer the royal treatment: callous removal, heel hydration, sugar scrubs and massage. You will feel your cares melt away while getting your feet ready for the beach or a special event.


When it’s time to prepare for that special occasion, enjoy a girls day out or surprise someone with the gift of pampering, LeNails is your destination! Call and ask us how we can help you celebrate. We love main / pedi parties for “girls” of any age!


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